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About Crespo

Where can I find out more about Crespo?
Please use this link or the to read more about Crespo.

I would like to work for Crespo. How can I apply?
If vacancies are available they will be posted on the website.


Warranty & Repair

What is covered by the warranty?
To properly assess whether your defect is under warranty, we recommend visiting the Crespo dealer where you purchased the Crespo product. Our dealers will be able to assess whether the defect is covered by the warranty. If you purchased your product online, please contact us at,uk. Warranty covers defects that are a direct result of manufacturing or material failure.

What do I need to apply for the extended warranty?
To apply for the extended warranty, you will need a receipt and a warranty card. The warranty certificate is included with the product.

How do I apply for extended warranty on my Crespo products?
Crespo offers a standard 5-year warranty on your Crespo furniture. For an additional year of warranty, please register your purchase through our website.

What can you do for me outside the warranty period?
We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you even after the warranty period. We recommend you visit the Crespo dealer where the Crespo product was purchased. Together with your Crespo dealer we can assess the best course of action and make a direct estimate of the costs. If you purchased your product through the Crespo website, please contact us at

What should I do if my Crespo product has a defect/malfunction?
Please contact your Crespo dealer with any questions or service requests. In the first instance, Crespo's service handling will always be done through our Crespo dealer. They will be able to assess the nature of the defect and determine what is needed to repair it. Often a defect can be easily repaired by your Crespo dealer. Any parts required will be ordered by your dealer. If you purchased your product online, please contact us.



What is the delivery time of my order?
In most of the time we will deliver your package in 2-3 working days.

Can I change or cancel my order?
Unfortunately you cannot change your order.

Where can I order replacement parts for my Crespo product?
You can order parts through our webshop. Faulty parts that are not available through our webshop can be requested through our Service parts page.


Exchange & return

How can I return a product?
Does the product not meet your expectations? You can return it up to 30 days after receipt with the enclosed return form.

How can I exchange a product?
Unfortunately, a product cannot be exchanged immediately. You can return it up to 30 days after receipt using the return form enclosed with your order. 

A product in my order is damaged. What should I do?
It is very unfortunate that this has happened. A product that arrived damaged, you can return up to 30 days after receipt. After receipt and verification of your return, we will refund the purchase price to your account. You can read our full return procedure here.