An independent test panel was recently commissioned by the AD to compare four different folding chairs from respected camping brands. The Crespo AP-237 Air-Deluxe was part of the test. All seats are critically assessed for the following components:


• Design

• Solidity

• Seating comfort

• Adjustability

• Format

• Stability


The Crespo AP-237 Air-Deluxe was the best in the test. The test panel gave the Crespo chair the highest rating, and praised the wonderful seating comfort thanks to the soft mesh and the good support. In addition, the design was also rated as the best.


The chair offers maximum comfort thanks to the 7-position adjustable backrest and the 3D mesh padded coating. The comfortable filling of this fabric is extra breathable and does not retain moisture due to the open cell structure. This makes the chair dry much quicker than chairs with a traditional foam filling. In addition, both the backrest, the seat and the armrests are ergonomically shaped. The chair has an anodized H-frame for extra stability and corrosion resistance. When folded, this chair is very compact and therefore easy to carry.