Camping chair - AA-215 Air-Elite Compact

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An amazingly luxurious, and one of the most comfortable beach chairs! This chair has an extremely thick and sturdy 3D padded foam filling. This padded foam filling runs all the way around the frame. This luxury fabric is folded over the back of the seat tube and in the front the fabric runs through to the underside, resulting in a very pleasant seat. The head end of the backrest has an extra thick padding. The foam-filling has an open cell structure, so no moisture is retained. Because of this the chair dries faster than other chairs with a traditional foam padding. The backrest of this chair is adjustable in 7 positions and this chair is also equipped with a continuously adjustable headrest. The backrest, seat and armrests are ergonomically shaped for maximum support. The U-frame ensures high stability and the chair can be carried very compact, up to 50% less packing volume compared to other camping chairs. Also a chair where all details have been considered and no comfort is lacking.